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all we love is timeless simplicity

This is the basic credo of this music & arts producers_project labeled :

monotwins(C)(P) est.sin.2003

Homebased close 2 the neandertal in germany, green lung, and the adjacent and opposite 2 the city of cologne,

where from Karl Heinz Stockhausen*, pioneer of electronic music, as well as his students Irmin Schmidt and Holger Czukay founder of "CAN" are, &

duesseldorf, hometown of "KRAFTWERK" and "NEU ! ".

You`ll find the monotwins following there songlines as hunters and gatherers, by using only simple tools, in this delta- area. ;))

SO, and that`s why ...... deepness


down-to-earthness are first !


May B the monotwins jungle-like" hood, gives there music and style a little latin, afro/cuban minimal/reduced clout, longing and mellowness,

U usually don´t find in german music& arts producing.

The monotwins loves it simple, str8 -n- laid back, they LUVs this chilled 60th braziized eleganza from acts like "Cal Tjader","MPB-4" or "Herb Alperts Tijuana Brass"
Sergio Mendes "Brazil 66, Jombims and Lalo Schifrins super_coolness,

as well as Miles Davis and soft machines exploring, mould-breaking ways from Blues >2 electric >2 ambient >2 minimal jazz.

monotwins R greatly influenced by monuments like Sister Rosetta Tharpe, BIG Mama Thornton,
as well as "pop-classic" story telling by
Lennon/ Mc Cartney or Wilson/Asher ....
_ in wide musical colours_ disembogued in too many scetches 2 list here,

WE love Gentle Giants  color palette - from blue(s) 2 english-renaissance varnish, sampled -n- rearranged in moody progROCK collages..... ANYWAY:

Meanwhile monotwins coloring the brush in nower days, there feets standing deep -n- solid in r-n-b, fonk, early coast 2 coast hip/hop, ragga -n- detroit(chicago) house, 2step_trap and other gentle electrics ways 2 be slaved 2 the rythem..

-N- of course:

The art of >>head-N_hip_ bop<<       :))

There is no style than ANY style
4 a style R. ;)

AND:last but not least:

"does humour belongs in music ? ? ",
frank zappa asked, a few* years ago

YESS !!! definitely YESS !!!

Switch 2
"hooking down the street"
on Jango AIR

gives U a feel, what monotwins are goin 4 in arts of music.

It´s monotwins small input 2 this very boast buisness
so called: "music industries". :D

ANYWAY: ... this is what big mama thornten told us before -n- ELVIs the pelvis turned it in2 HIS very cleaned-up 2 white version :  

we´re nothing but hound dogs  ;DD

B peaceful fellows `N` take care  - not alone on U R own deep selfs.


* Stockhausen on Beatles/Stg. Peppers Cover 5.left/superior rank

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